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Top Ranked Business Colleges in Europe

Top Ranked Business Colleges in Europe

Many students who wish to pursue a career in the fields of business or leadership especially in the Europe is always on the search for the top ranked business college’s in Europe.  As they’re several of them offering unique opportunities to her students who wish to gain knowledge to build their enterprise. 

In order to guide her applicants, especially those interested in studying at the top ranked business college’s in Europe, we will answering the following questions

As an International Student Can I Get Scholarship to Study in a European Business College/School?

They’re several scholarships available to students, who wish to study in Europe, thou they’re limited, but it is available to excellent students, with a good undergraduate results. 

 How Can I Get Scholarship in Business Colleges?

Many prospective students for MBA programs, especially among the top ranked business college’s in Europe, are Always on the search for various scholarship opportunities available to them to help them offset their Bill’s, and also carter for themselves. They’re five basic step’s of applying for a scholarship as a business student. Which are

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  1. Do you your research well, this entails one to thoroughly search through the various financial aids and scholarship website’s available to mankind. 
  2. Search for scholarships in external sources such as community groups,  and organizations
  3. Get a great GMAT score
  4. Tailor your scholarship application to the scholarship you’re applying for
  5. Early applications helps especially in MBA, programs. 

Scholarship Requirements For Business Colleges

Many of the students in business college’s, are either in scholarship or enjoying a financial aids, which is what most of the top ranked business college’s in Europe offers, the following are the requirements for the scholarships in business colleges

Documents required are: A CV, A letter of introduction well detailed, A statement of purpose, two reference form, A passport, Academic certificate and transcripts, research proposal, business college’s application and registration. 

The top ranked business college’s in Europe are 


Location: Bd de Constance, 77300 Fontainebleau, France


 This institutions is the highest among the top ranked business colleges in Europe, her tuition fee is  US$98,009.  It is ranked 3rd in the world among other business schools,  it scored highest for Return of investment, with an average 100% salary increase. The program lasts for 10 month’s,  it offers her students the opportunity to chose from 75 elective options, while doing 14 core course’s.  It has 3 locations Abu Dhabi, Fontainebleau, Singapore. 

  • London Business School

Location: Regent’s Park, London NW1 4SA, United Kingdom


This top British business school, is also among the top ranked business colleges in Europe, her programs lasts for 21 month’s.   London being the financial capital of the world, has at least 100% representation of the world’s, Leading financial institutions with three quarter of the world’s  (global companies).  This country has 97%  of her graduates getting Jobs after graduation. Her tuition fee is around US$104,493. 

  • HEC Paris


Location: 1 Rue de la Libération, 78350 Jouy-en-Josas, France

This institutions is highly ranked among the top ranked business college’s in Europe for retueof investment, her graduate receive a 152% increasingly in salary,  her students take up courses for 15 months and  her students are exposed to leadership,  it welcomes here students to be part of her global leader’ series where they’re mentored.

  • IESE Business school

Location: Avenida Pearson, 21 Barcelona Spain


This institution is highly ranked for return of investment among the top ranked business college’s in Europe, with an average increase in salary of 124%,   this program lasts  between 15 and 19 months, it is based in Barcelona.  It encourages connection with her Spanish origin and offers a dual diploma for her native speakers.

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  • IE business school

Location: Calle de María de Molina, 31, 28006 Madrid, Spain


This top ranked business college’s in Europe offers an 11 months program which leads to award of MBA, it enrolls her students in a professional fitness program,  it contains two distinct elements, which are career fitness and behavioral fitness.  Through her career fitness it prepares you for the job and helps you get it. 

  • Judge business school


Location: University of, Trumpington St, Cambridge CB2 1AG, United Kingdom

This top ranked business college’s in Europe is affiliated with the university of Cambridge,  it achieved the third highest return of investment, enjoying a 66% increase in salary.   This institution believes that students can tailor their business goals through electives, a global consulting project and concentration.  It has 10 MBA concentration Digital Transformation, Energy & Environment, Finance and Marketing.

  • Said Business school


Location: Saïd Business School, Park End St, Oxford OX1 1HP, United Kingdom

This business school is affiliated with the university of Oxford, and it us among the top ranked business college’s in Europe,  its is highly ranked among the business college’sfor thought leadership,  this MBA program lasts for 1 year,  it is subdivided into the following concentration Entrepreneurship, Global Rules of the Game and Responsible Business.

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