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Top Scholarships for International Students In UAE

The united Arab Emirates UAE, has continued to be among the top list of the most applied students nation in the world, as regards her development and technological innovation, and being a tourist nation makes her international students interact with people from different parts of the world and gain versatile knowledge.  And most of this scholarships are awarded by renowned NGOs and governmental bodies. Thou some are partially funded. 

  • Al Qasimi Foundation’s Doctoral Research Grants


This scholarship is available to those already admitted for PhD programs,  it is open to international students and UAE citizens.  The applicant must be an outstanding student in terms of academic, this scholarship will cover the following areas  return airfares, furnished accommodation for up to 12 months, a stipend to cover living costs, and research support. Which will be needed in your studies in the UAE.

  • LSE Middle East Centre Emirates Masters Scholarship


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This scholarship is open to those interested in studying in the London school of economics and political science, but mainly Arabians who wants to pursue their masters they.  It will cover your studies in London and all expenses needed.

  • Research Grant Scholarship For Doctorate Students


This scholarship is open to international students  interested in pursuing their doctorate degree in the United Arab Emirates University, this scholarship is open on a competitive basis and is selected by principal investigators who wants them to be part of their team. 

  • United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) Scholarships


This scholarship is open to international students and emirati citizens who wish to pursue their graduate programs in the UAEU, and it is open to those with an outstanding performance and have the zeal to maintain it. 

  • UAE Government IRENA Scholarships


This scholarship is fully funded government, to study in MASDAR Institute of Science and Technology, and the scholarship is up to 20.  And this students gain IRENA based lectures where they train their students in the recent advancement in the fields of science and technology as regards renewable energy. 

  •  Masdar Institute Scholarships for International Students


This scholarship is offered to international students who wish to pursue their masters degree and PhD in the Masdar institute of science and technology,  masdar being a renowned research institute was a pioneer graduate university dedicated to providing real world solutions to issues of sustainability. And it is focused on advanced technology and sustainable technology.  

  • Graduate Research Scholarships for International PhD Students in UAE


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This scholarship is available to those interested in studying in the prestigious UAE university, being the pioneer university in the UAE,  it provides her PhD students the following full tuition waiver, monthly stipend, housing or housing allowance, health insurance, and research support. 

  • IMT Scholarships for International Students in Dubai


The institute of management technology with mission of developing leaders who are business oriented, and have the ability to change the society.  This students are made to be aware of social challenge a responsibility like sustainability, ethics, environment, and multi-cultural societies. This scholarship is available for international students interested in pursuing their undergraduate and postgraduate programs. 

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