Travel Guide for Students Going to the USA

Travel Guide for Students Going to the USA

Lots of students wish to study in the United States of America USA,  wants to travel round the country, though the United States is a young and lively country which accounts for why Americans, use the car mostly for their travel’s.   In America they’re many famous cities and wonders,  which attracts tourist attraction.

What Do You Need to Enter the US as a Student?

Many international students are often seen wondering, of the requirements it takes to enter the United States of America as an international student.  To be allowed into the US, you must have a Visa, which can either be a nonimmigrant visa for temporary stay, or an immigrant visa for permanent residence. You must need an F or M students Visa. 

To enter the   United States of America,  the following Visa’s will be needed.

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F visa

  • University or college
  • High school
  • Private Elementary school
  • Seminary
  • Conservatory
  • Another training institutions including language schools


  • Vocational or other recognized nonacademic institution, other than a language training program

To apply click the United States website 

Will International Students be Allowed in USA for Fall 2021?

Thou Visa to the United States of America, is currently on bn for many countries considered as endemic zones, but will be open by fall 2021 for those already with their F1 Visa’s.  Many of the universities in the United States of America is planning to reopen it’s operation mode in fall 2021.  thou international students are advised to be in touch with their academic advisor, to help them register their course’s,  at the registration Portal of the University, and will help determine course’s to be enrolled online. For more information on travel plans click as regards falls travel. 

Can Students Travel to America?

Yes, students from countries not marked as endemic zones are allowed to continue their program in the United States of America.  The students from various countries are welcomed in the United States and are advised to get admission before applying for a Visa.  They’re two  Visas awarded  to international students, which includes F and M Visa’s.  

Application is through the United States consult through the link applicants are expected to follow the procedure  listed in the platforms, they’re expected to schedule a Visa interview.  Thou applicants are required to complete an online application form and upload a photo.  

Is Student Visa Open for USA 2021?

Currently students VISA is not open to countries endemic to Corona virus, but it’s open to citizens of other countries.  Thou currently fall semester visa is open, students are advised to have the following documents before applying for a VISA to the United States of America.

  1. Admission letter
  2. English language proficiency
  3. Must have a residence in their home country i.e where to return after studies
  4. Must study in the institution Where the visa was granted
  5. Must demonstrate sufficient financial support, 

Documents needed are:  certificate of non migrant issued by your institution, receipt of application fee, online form filled,  old and new passport,  transcripts. 

Tips to know before traveling to the United States of America USA are:

  • Language

The language of communication in the United States of America is English, and this has affected the United States of America, as many other great cities are often multi language, the  only language you may hear again is Spanish which is spoken in mainly Urban cities. 

  • Currency and Tipping’s

The USA dollars equivalent to your currency should be known, credit cards is widely accepted in the US, and  ATM is scattered everywhere, even at convenience stores but you have to pay a service fee.  Tipping is common in US for cabs and restaurants,  a general rule in the USA is you pay a certain 20-15% of your total bill to the waiter, but they rely on your tipping to get their wages.

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  • US Cuisine

The USA embraced dishes from all over the world,  and most of her eateries give out big foods, so if you can’t finish a big meal you can share that with your friend.

  • Tech tips

Be sure to have a GPS on your phone,  this will help you locate coffee shops and chain fast foods store Incase you’re outside the City, wants to use a free WiFi to check your email. 

  • Cultural difference

Smoking is not allowed in eateries, and bars so if you’re a smoker you need to do it outside, then Americans really follow football, only a select few, their game of interest is hockey, basketball, American football, and their long age friend baseball.  As regards conversation, Americans don’t like controversial issues like religion and politics. 

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