Unilorin Admission Criteria and Requirements – Detailed

This is going to be a very quick one, it’s not one of our usual long articles, i just want to give you a head start, for all prestigious candidates that would be choosing the University of Ilorin as first choice. Today i want to share Unilorin admission criteria or simply put; Unilorin admission requirements.


Year in and year out, the University of Ilorin had always topped the list of most competitive institutions.


Owing to the recognition of the varsity it’s considered a world class University which ranks 4th in Nigeria and that is the institution who has being ranked number one in Nigeria for three consecutive years.


Come rain, come shine, the varsity will always remain competitive.

It’s important to know how Unilorin gives admission to her students.

That is why today we will be showing the criteria that Unilorin use to give admission her candidates.


By figures, The University of Ilorin gets 100, 000 plus candidates yearly seeking admission.


In 2019, 60, 000 plus candidates sat for the University of Ilorin Post-Utme of which the varsity only has 12, 000 spaces as the total quota of admission across all departments.


So bury this at the back of your mind that you would be facing a very tough fate of admission if you picked the University of Ilorin as your first choice.


This is why we will be showing the 3 major criteria that counts for admission in Unilorin. But in datails we will be talking about Unilorin admission requirements for 2020.

Without further ado, below are the major admission criteria of admission in Unilorin.


1. Merit Worth:

Many candidates just hear this word, in actuality many do not have the idea of how it applies to them.


When we mean Merit, we mean a fair admission where candidates are fairly admitted according to how they perform in the qualifications listed below.

(a). UTME/D.e Score

(b) O’level Requirements

(c) Post-Utme.

Those are the three things that will be used to calculate your merit worth.

There is no”abeg” or “my father is a Lecturer” in the decision of Merit list.

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You will admitted according to how high your Merit score is.

The institution have a way of calculating the three mentioned qualifications above, well that should be your least concern because you won’t be told.


But bear in mind that some little things can boost or reduce your chance.

Don’t worry, let me list few of those things.

  1. How many sitting O’level result you have. [ For Some medical and engineering courses only one sitting is allowed ]
  2. Your Utme and O’level subject combination must be complete.
  3. Having a lot A’s in O’level does not count, just get the major subjects


2. Quota System

The admission criteria in Unilorin  that will decide if you will get admitted or not is Quota.

The total quota for the school as of 2019 is 12,000.

They can’t and will not admit more than that.

All departments have their own quota too, if it gets exceeded you won’t be admitted and what will make you top on the list is having a high Merit score.


3. The ones you are not told.

Let me now inform you. A wise student should already understand that the school will not tell you everything that counts for admission.

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Yes, most of which is, if you have any one in authority you can stand a more chance of admission as long as you have the minimum post utme score.

But this should also be your least concern, what counts the most is your Merit Worth (good Utme score, good O’level result and high Post-utme score).

For catchment area, this is something that adds to your chances, it will not reduce your chances.

More so, it might not be applicable this year.

One last thing.

Remember this; A soup without Maggi is not a good delicacy. For the Soup to be accepted there must be Maggi.

What i meant by that is, if you think 🤔  you have a very high UTME score or high IJMB, JUPEB or any A’level results.


You only have the soup, you need to add Maggi which is, high Post-Utme score to be accepted.

Post-utme score is Unilorin’s major Merit determination. So start preparing to score very high!!

What to do to gain admission into Unilorin

Unilorin admission

Scoring the desired score in Unilorin postutme will not be a cake-walk for you, to be candid. The screening test is a little difficult than your regular UTME. But of course, post-utme score is one of Unilorin admission requirements, the most important requirements for that matter.

So it means if you want your admission into Unilorin to be sure, you need a high post-utme score.

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But remember this: The scope of Unilorin screening test is to test you on.

• Time Efficiency
• Fast and precise calculation
• Smartness


Sometimes, your residual knowledge will not serve any purpose.


The school as you know will set her questions on Maths English and General paper of which the English will include Unilorin GNS questions.

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By the way, if for any reason you scored below your course cut off mark, we will advise you to immediately change to less competitive course once you get the opportunity.


And in case you choose courses like medicine, dentistry, Nursing, Law, Pharmacy or any engineering courses, I will urge you to brace up for deeper post-utme preparation.

Your best shot is to wisely check to be sure you have all requirements and if you do, you should be very ready to score 70+ in the screening test.


All things being equal, you must not forget that Post-Utme is the major Unilorin admissionon requirements, which you need among your qualifications to make it into the Merit List, so you need to start preparing now if you are yet to.


Again, I want to advise you to keep your reading basic and focus on O’level materials.


Be very careful of the materials you give your time to study because some will not help you.


Plan which means of Preparation is best for you.

Some candidates prefer studying in groups especially in WhatsApp forums, but this actually does not help some people.


I saw over the years that most of those people who go online and start sending questions such as on WhatsApp group or those who claim to be all knowing and teach others they end up scoring the not too good score.

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Why? Unilorin surprises them with basic questions they might have not noticed or they felt too confident about, and later do nonsense on the main exam, rather than burying their heads on the sand to prepare and many of you will still be guilty of it this year.


It is good to want to fumble as one who is smart, the one to prepare others in forum, but sometimes you need to go offline and prepare in your own privacy. It will really help.


Yes, you will discover your loopholes by wanting to teach others, but sometimes it makes you overlook the little things which might be what you will get on the exam.


More so, don’t think of using calculator on solving past questions, you won’t get a calculator on the main exam.


Practice makes perfect, so practice calculating from your head.


If you stop using calculator now, you’ll get accustomed to using your head and it won’t be difficult to solve questions when you are writing postutme.

But Someone who’s already used to calculator will find it difficult even to do the most basic of calculations with his/her head during the exam.


And one more thing, we recommend you install the UnilorinPrep App on your Phone, the App will really add much to your learning, avoid excuses and do what is right.

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Unilorin admission Requirements (Major details)

To be qualified for admission in Unilorin, a candidate must fulfill the following requirements.

  1. 5 credits in relevant subjects in O’level
  2. 50% and above in Post-utme
  3. 180 and above in UTME.
  4. 6 points + IJMB/JUPEB or equivalent
  5. Must have chosen the University of Ilorin as first choice in JAMB.

5 credits in relevant subjects in O’level

To be eligible for admission into Unilorin, you need to ensure you have 5 credits in the exact required subjects you have chosen, the school will not grade you for having A or B.

What matters is, you must have credits in the required subjects pertaining to your course.

You can check your subject combination using the Course requirement checker in the UnilorinPrep App.

50% and above in Post-utme

To be eligible for admission in the University of Ilorin, it is important to score 50% and above the entrance examination conducted by the University of Ilorin i.e post-utme. If you score 240+ in UTME but score below 50% in Post-Utme. You would be automatically disqualified for admission so it is important that you keep this in mind as it is major criteria for admission in Unilorin.

180 and above in UTME

As of 2019, the minimum cut of mark for admission is 180, this could remain the same for 2020 section, and if that is the case, without scoring up to 180 there is simply no way you can be admitted into the University of Ilorin as it is one of Unilorin admission requirements which is compulsory.

6 points + IJMB/JUPEB or equivalent

If you’re using IJMb or JUPEB as a Direct Entry qualification to gain admission into Unilorin, it’s important to know that the minimum cut off point is 6

Must have chosen the University of Ilorin as first choice in JAMB.

Finally, you have to be sure that you make Unilorin your first choice institution in Jamb, otherwise you won’t be considered for admission.


I have justt shared with you the criterias for admission in Unilorin and all admission requirements, i hope you are now well informed and understand everything about Unilorin admission system.

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