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Time: 30 Minutes

In each of questions 1-3, select the option that best explains the information conveyed in the sentence.

1. When Uchechi saw that Wisdom was bent on a duel, she accepted the gauntlet. From this, we know that Kalu:

A. kept quiet despite the insults
B. decided to fight
C. persuaded Obi not to fight
D. fought back with insulting words

2. Since the students were not trained to operate a tractor, the one bought for them by the federal govemment turned out to be a white elephant This implies that the tractor:

A. quickly broke down
B. had to be made automatic
C. ran the students into debt
D. was quite useless.

3. When he realized that his army was about to be destroyed, the commander decided to sheath his sword. This shows that the commander. . . ..

A. decided to fight much harder
B. decided to flee
C. decided to end the fight
D. begged his opponent

In each of questions 4-5, choose the option that is opposite in meaning to the underlined word

4.  Asmau complained that she slept on the coarse floor.

A. smooth
B rough
C. bad
D. harsh

5. The debtor’s husband is culpable for his wife’s debt.

A. unanswerable
B. responsible
C. liable
D. accountable

In each questions 6-7, choose the option that is similar to the words or expressions underlined

6. Many candidates now apply to read Medicine because it is lucrative profession.

A. brings high prestige
B. bring plenty of profit
C. bring quick money
D. brings plenty of knowledge

7. The preacher has made good his promise to visit some of his converts today.

A. fulfilled
B. abided by
C. seen to
D. accepted

In each of question 8-10, choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the following sentences

8. Azeezat found that thieves had entered her house in her absence, he went to the police to report the …….

A. break out
B. break up
C. break in
D. break into

9. The president has already summoned all the ……… on the state of security in the country.

A. majors general
B. major generals
C. majors generals
D. major general

10. Five students accused of child …….. being held by the security agents.

A. traficking
B. traviking
C. trafficking
D. traffiking

In each of questions 11-12, choose the option that has the same consonant sound as represented by the letter(s) underlined

11. Pizza

A. boys
B. reaped
C. scissors
D. freeze

12. Church

A. feature
B. chauffeur
C. ocean
D. machine

In each of questions 13-15, choose the correct answer from the options below

13. Isn’t it high time you ……. your office?

A. are leaving
B. do leave
C. leave
D. Left

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14. There was ……… any traffic as he drove home.

A. hardly
B. normally
C. usually
D. No

15. Although I am watching television, I ….. what you are saying.

A. am hearing
B. can hear
C. have heard
D. was hearing

In each of questions 16-27, choose the correct answer from the list of options provided

16. There is a cinema near the station, …….

A. isn’t it?
B. isn’t there?
C. aren’t there?
D. is there?

17. Sameer played cricket yesterday, …..

A. don’t he?
B. doesn’t he
C. didn’t he
D. isn’t he?

18. The hall has a —–capacity of 5,000

a. seating
b. sitting
c. steering

19. Scholarships are seen as the —–motivating indigent students.

a. panacea for
b. panacea to
c. panacea at
d. panacle

20. The Governor was ———–the young boy oratory prowess

a. enamoured by
b. enamoured with
c. enamoured for
d. enamoured in

21. Tayo is an expert in drawing the longbow

a. Telling incredible story.
b. Artistic skills
c. Theatrical Performances
d. Culinary skills

22. His application was rejected as he was told to wait till the clouds roll by

a. Wait for the management to decide on his case
b. wait till when there is adequate funding c. Wait for the suitable time
d. wait till he matures

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23. After the futile experience, he return to the charge

a. He stared physical assault
b. He renews his verbal attack
c. He took to the bottles
d. He went into seclusion

24. He keeps his ………. clean always.
a. surroundings
b. surrounding
c. premises
d. environments

25. Of the three girls, Bola is the ………….
a. so much notorious
b. naughty
c. notorious
d. naughtiest

26. The student had a ……….. on independence day.

a. match pass
b. march pass
c. march past
d. match past.

27. The ceremony was rounded _____ very late.

a. up
b. off
c. of
d. out

In each of questions 28-29, choose the appropriate option representing the given sound

28. / ə u/

a. Enthusiasm
b. phobia
c. security
d. education
e. onion

29. / 3 :/

a. Shirt
b. luck
c. shut
d. thumb
e. hull

In each of questions 30-36, choose the appropriate answer from the options provided

30.  It takes 6 days for four men to finish a piece of work. How many days will it take two men to do the same piece of work if they work at the same rate?

A. 30 days
B. 4 days
C. 8 days
D. 12 days

31. The perimeter of a square lawn is 104m. What is the area of the law in square metres

A. 676
B. 144
C. 224
D. 800

32. What is the positive value of x for which x2 – 4x – 5= 0

A. -1
B. 1
C. 5
D. -5

33. Solve the equations for x and y respectively x + y = 1, x – y= 7

A -3, 4
B. 4, 3
C. 4,-3
D. 3,-4


36. The frequency f, of a radio station varies inversely as its wavelength λ. If the radio broadcast on a wavelength of 285, when the frequency is 1053Hz, what is the frequency when the wavelength is 247m?

A. 247Hz
B. 1215Hz
C. 1053Hz
D. 1000Hz

In each of questions 37-46, choose the correct answer

37. A tadpole resembles a fish because it has

A. scales
B. webbed feet
C. lungs
D. gills

38. One cloth can dry in the sun in 5 minutes. How much time will 6 clothes take to dry in the sun?

A. 30mins
B. 20mins
C. 10mins
D. 5mins

39.Water boils at

A. 100°C
B. 80°C
C. 90°C
D. cannot say

40. Washington is the capital of

A. India
B. Sri Lanka
C. Canada

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41. The second Black Festival for Art and Culture (FESTAC) was held in

A. 1977
B. 1980
C. 1979
D. 1975

42. Which of these Islands is not part of the African continent?

A. Madagascar
B. Trinidad and Tobago
C. Zanibar
D. Canary Islands

43. How many 2k stamps can I buy with 25.000?

A. 500
B. 2,500
C. 1,250
D. 1,500

44. A Nigeria politician and founder of the Action Group political party was

A. Chief Obafemi Awolowo
B. Samuel Ladoke Akintola
C. Tafawa Balewa
D. Earnest Shonekan

45. The first Nigerian political party was


46. The immediate past governor of the central bank of Nigeria was

A. Mr. Godwin Emeflele
B. Charles
C Soludo
C. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
D. Clement Nyong Isong

47. The number of children in a class increased from 260 to 286. Find the percentage increase.

A. 12%
B. 10%
C. 20%
D. 15%

48. What is the smallest number that can be added to 279 to make it a multiple of 12?

A. 5
B. 7
C. 9
D. 11

49. The secretary to the federal government of the federation is

a. Anyyim Pius Anyim
b. Babachir Lawal
c. Habibat Lawal
d. Mahmud awal

50. The inspector general of Police is ……

a. Sulaiman Abba.
B. Ibrahim Idris Kpotun
c. Mahmood Yakubu
D. Ibrahim Sulaiman Kintigbe.


1. B Decided to fight.

To accept the gauntlet is an idiomatic expression which means to accept or attempt a challenge or invitation, as to fight argue or compete

For example: When it comes to civil right Hudallahi is always eager to accept the gauntlet.

2. Option D was quite useless.

A white elephant is an idiomatic expression which means a possession that is useless or troublesome, especially one that is expensive to maintain or dispose of. In formal times, the rare albino elephant was regarded as holy.

It is highly prized by the kings of Siam (now Thailand) and its upkeep was extremely expensive.

It was apparently the practice for a king of Siam to give one of the elephants to a courtier they disliked: the’
unfortunate recipient would usually be beneficially ruined by the attempt to maintain the animal

3.  Option C decided to end the tight.

To sheath the sword means to make peace. Therefore, decided to end the fight is the most closest to the answer

4. Option A-smooth as

The adjective coarse means something composed of large parts or particles, or inferior quality or appearance; not fine in material or close in texture.

It means something that is thick, rough, shard, hard, blunt, indelicate, vulgar, gritty, not smooth, etc. Smooth IS the opposite.

5.Option A- unanswerable.

The adjective culpable means meriting condemnation censure or blame, especially as something wrong, harmful, blameworthy, or injurious.

It can also mean being responsible for a particular action. Unanswerable means when you are not answerable or responsible for a particular action.

6. Option B- brings plenty of profit.

The adjective lucrative means producing something surplus or prof1tab1e.1t can also means productive, well-paid, advantageous, fruithful, in the black, etc.

7. Option A- Fufilled.

To make good means to achieve substantial success in life, often in business or to complete sornething successfully. Fulflll means to satisfy, carry out, and bring to completion

8. Option C- break in

A phrasal verb has been used here. “Break in” means to enter a place by force or by illicit means. For example: Someone broke in and stole his radio.

However, “break into” also means to enter illegally or by force, especially in order to commit a crime.

For example: Somebody broke into his car and stole his tools and CDs. It is important to note the difference between the two.

While “break in” is used without an object, “break into” is used with an object.

9. Option B- major generals

In military usage, the term general, as part of an official title is etymologically an adjective, but it has been adopted as a noun and thus a head. So, compound nouns employing this title are pluralized at the end. For example: brigadier generals, major generals etc.

10. Option C- trafficking

11. Option B reaped /ri: pt/

Pizza is transcribed as /pitsƏ/ whenever the consonant sound that comes before the last consonant sound is voiced the last consonant will be changed to voiced and vice versa.

Here, the consonant sound that comes before the last is voiceless as the voiced equivalent is /d/, the last consonant sound must also be the voiceless equivalent of that sound /t/ It is important to note that voiced sounds are sound produced with the vibration of the vocal chord while Voiceless sounds are produced without the vibration of the vocal chord. They are categories

under the parameters for naming consonant sound which is the state of the glottis or voicing. Another example is begged /begd/ where /g/ is voiced, /d/ is also voiced.

12. Option A- feature /fi:tʃə/

Church /tʃɜ:rtʃ/

13 Option D. left

This has to do with collocation and the conventional use of the past tense. Whenever “high time“ or “time” is used, it must go with a past tense.

14. Option A- hardly

Hardly is a negative marker, it is never followed by “some” (i.e positive marker) but “any” (i.e negative market). For example: I have hardly any money in my pocket.

15. Option B- can hear

This is the use of stative verbs which denote a state rather than an act. For example: understand, hear, believe, like, love, belong, prefer, see, etc. These verbs have no continuous forms. For example: I understand the lesson.

16. Option B – isn’t there?

The rule says if “there” is used as subject in a sentence, the pronoun in question tag will be “there”.

17. Option C – didn’t he

When there is no auxiliary verb within a sentence, use “does” for simple present tense with singular third person personal pronoun such as he, she, and it.

Use “do” for simple present tense with plural pronouns such as I , you, we and they: remember, I and You are not to be used with singular verbs. Then, use “did” for simple past tense with either singular or plural pronouns.

Hence, in the given sentence the real expression is “Sameer did play cricket yesterday”.

18. A-Seating

It is the provision of chairs or other places for people to sit. Seating capacity is the number of people who can be seated in a specific space, in terms of both the physical space available, and limitations set by law”.

19 A- panacea for

This has to do with collocation. The preposition “for” goes with panacea when used in a sentence as panacea means something that will solve all problems (Solution). For example: Youth participant in politics will be a panacea for bad governance in Nigeria.

20.  B Enamoured with

This has to do with collocation. Enamoured is an adjective that means to be in love with something. It can also mean captivated, attracted, enchanted crazy about, devoted, hooked, etc.” It is used mostly in the passive and always followed by “of.” or “with”.

For example: There was a girl of whom he became enamoured with, so he contemplated marriage and political activity; I was passionately enamoured of this shadow of a dream

21. A- Telling incredible story

To draw a longbow is an idiomatic expression which means to exaggerate in telling stories; overstate something. For example: He is sure to draw the longbow on the size of his catch of fish. .

22. C Wait for the suitable time

To wait till the clouds roll by is an idiomatic expression which means to wait for the suitable time.

23. B
He renews his verbal attack
To return to the charge is an idiomatic expression which means to make a further attempt at something, especially in arguing a point. Charge here is used in the sense of a headlong rush forward, usually associated with attacking soldiers in a battle.

24. A surroundings .

Surroundings is a place where someone lives or where someone is.

For example: We used to live in nice surroundings.

While surrounding is an adjective used to describe the area which is all around a particular place. For example: The roofs of the surrounding building are bad

25. D – Naughtiest

This has to do with degree. The positive degree is used to describe one person or thin. e.g. Tolu is short.

The comparative degree is used to describe or compare two persons or two objects. e.g. Tolu is shorter than Titi. Sometimes, we have the hidden comparison. In a case like this, the comparison is understood without being fully expressed. e.g. You should be more careful (i.e more than you are now); John has grown taller (i.e taller than he was before).

Also, the superlative is used to describe three or more person or things. For example: Bola is short, Bisi is shorter than Bola, but Kunle is the shortest among the three.

26. March Past

March past is a formal, rhythmic, way of walking used especially by soldiers, bands, and in ceremonies. It is synonymous to parade, rally, procession etc.

27. off

To “round something off” means to finish an activity or complete something in a good suitable way. e.g. She rounded off the class with a song. Note: don’t use “round up”. in this context,

“round up/down” mean other things as in to approximate, summarise, etc.

28. B – Phobia /fəubiə/

29. A- Shirt /ʃɜːt/

37. D: Gilis

38. D: 5 minutes

39. D: It is difficult to say

40. D: USA ‘

41. A: 1977

42. B: Trinidad and Tobago

43. C: 1250

44. A: Chief Obafemi Awowolo

45. A: NNDP

46. C: Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

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