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Hello, we believe you are one of the determined Unilorin aspirants preparing for Unilorin 2020 Post-Utme. In this article, you will find our Unilorin WhatsApp group link for post-utme preparation and updates.


Here at NgUniversities, we are a well-versed educational team that helps University admission seekers, and to a very large extent, we provide preparatory materials and all possible information that you will need to be admitted without doubts.

As part of scope and goals, we create relevant WhatsApp groups that can aid preparation.


Many of our Unilorin WhatsApp groups are private and some we give free and easy entrance, so if you want to join the private Group or the public group then take time to read this article so you will know what benefits you will get from joining our Unilorin WhatsApp groups.


Again if you are a direct entry candidate you can also join our Unilorin direct entry WhatsApp group.

Apart from that, we have also created specific groups for each department so that you can meet coursemates and familiarise them well with them.


Bear in mind that we have one of the most active Unilorin WhatsApp groups.

But sometimes we are strict when it comes to the entrance, we need to be sure that you are not one of those imposters or scammers who join WhatsApp groups mainly for the purpose of doing adverts.

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Over the years, we have seen a lot of aspirants not been admitted, at times many of those who were not admitted could have been admitted but maybe as a reason for lack of information or wrong information they were subjected to not being admitted.


You need to be very much prepared for the University of Ilorin post-utme, this is not something that should be joked it.

What you don’t struggle for you don’t deserve, as far as admission into the University of Ilorin is the concern you will still be one of the thousands of aspirants who will apply.

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There is only one thing that can separate you from those thousands, it’s your determination.

That’s why we created a special Unilorin WhatsApp group for serious candidates.



I want to still make this clear. Please do not think this is one of those WhatsApp groups, this forum is quite different.


So for the avoidance of doubts, if you do not fall into any of the categories below, don’t bother to join or come any closer.

  • You should be a candidate who applied to the University of Ilorin as a direct entry candidate or…
  • You should be a candidate who applied to the University of Ilorin as a UTME candidate or…
  • If maybe you did not choose Unilorin before but wish to change to Unilorin then you can join the forum.

Anyone who does not fall into any of the above categories would be respectfully removed, we watch every of our participant and access their learning.

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We clearly want a platform where candidates will feel engaged and well prepared for the University of Ilorin 2020 Post-Utme Exam.


What makes people not to gain admission into Unilorin or what makes some not to score high!

Now before you join our Unilorin WhatsApp group, I wan to pass a piece of important information to you.

So that you will know what to expect by the time you join our Unilorin WhatsApp forum.

Many of those apply to Unilorin always meet a dead end or a fate of not being admitted, many of these were candidates with good Post-Utme and Direct Entry scores, yet they were denied admission.


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Don’t be discouraged and don’t be surprised.

You see, some candidates have issues last year during the Post-Utme registration, some failed to upload their O’level results.

But, see something else. Many of those that were on our Unilorin WhatsApp groups last year where guided, they showed us their issues through the group name they fixed, many who may have ignored doing some things where lucky because they got first-hand information through us.


Apart from the fact that we organized a lot of group seminars, group preparation, and weekly assessment, some were given a prize for their excellence.

Yea that is what we do on our WhatsApp groups, that is while I am saying if you are not here for something serious please hit the back button.

It’s always our pleasure and our mission to help serious candidates find reliable means of preparation.

Year and year out, we produce candidates that today are now given admission into the University of Ilorin.

So I think you should be happy right now for coming across this article because you are about to join one of the most relevant WhatsApp groups.

So the question is are you ready to meet our team and a group of other serious aspirants? Then you have met with the right platform.

Is it free to join our Special Unilorin WhatsApp groups?

Yes, it’s free.

However, please bear in mind that we have two categories of Unilorin WhatsApp groups, so you can join the one you wish to join.

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First, we have a reliable Public WhatsApp group for Unilorin Post-utme preparation.

The group does not require anything, it’s a matter of just clicking on the link and joining.

I will list some of the benefits you will gain from either of our groups.

But then, we also have a special WhatsApp group for Unilorin Post-Utme preparation. But this one, in particular, is private.

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That is to say, it meant for selected candidates who want a very hot and interesting forum for brainstorming and personalized private teachings.

The difference is that on the private Group, we don’t allow too many members. The reason is that we want each member to have enough space to learn, familiarize themselves with each other.

You can have enough space to ask questions where you don’t understand or present any issues you have on the table.

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However, entrance into the Private group is not as direct as the open one, you will go through some question first and you have to be duly approved before you can join.

Do I have your attention now?

Now let me list some of the benefits of joining our Unilorin WhatsApp group.

Why you need to join our Unilorin Aspirant WhatsApp group 

Below are some of the benefits and unique differences between our Unilorin WhatsApp group.

  1. You will get daily news and always stay up to date, you will know what is happening daily at the University of Ilorin.
  2. You will meet a lot of students that will guide you and explain the process they pass through in their admission session.
  3. You will benefit from our group’s daily and weekly-based preparation.
  4. You will get any Unilorin material or past question you want on the group, just ask and it will get sent to you.
  5. You can ask any question about Unilorin and you will be answered by people who know much about the Unilorin.

Now, in case of those that still don’t see the light or clearly understand the points I mentioned let me add more light on it.


You will get daily news and always stay up to date, you will know what is happening daily at the University of Ilorin.

On our forum, you will know what is happening on campus.

Without frequent and genuine information, you can never be left behind.

You will 24/7 updates.

For those that are asking on when Unilorin Post-Utme cut-off mark will be out, when admission sessionn will commence, then Unilorin sales of post-utme form will commence!

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Then you will get all this information at the tip of your finger on our Whatsapp group for Unilorin aspirants.


You will meet a lot of current Unilorin students that will guide you and explain the process they pass through in their admission session.

Another special thing about our WhatsApp groups is, our groups are filled with friendly people.

If you don’t know how to make friends before, be ready to make new friends.

You will people of all races and those applying to the same department as you.

You will enjoy the environment and you would not feel bored at home.

We only promise and guarantee this on the Private group, not the public group as we do not restrict anyone from joining the public group.


Both are engaging, but there are some things special about the private group.

So if you want to meet the right people that will be of help to you in your admission pursuit then join our private Unilorin WhatsApp group.


You will benefit from our group’s daily and weekly-based preparation.

We love to  brainstorm here 😍, we prepare our candidates till the final day of the exam, so your best bet would be to prepare to join our forum for frequent preparation.

Without an iota of doubt, you will gain a lot fro group preparation, especially when you participate, you would be able to discover your loop holes and know where you are lagging behind.

So you see how useful our group is,

Don’t surprised you had to read all these long notes before joining

A lot of people might join and don’t where we are heading to, they won’t know the benefit and difference between the private and Public group.

So i will advise that you assume some patient and digest the information we are passing to you know, you will surely get to join our whatsapp group for Unilorin Aspirants, but one thing we don;t joke with is information that is why we are giving you all these information in sufficient quality so that by the time you join and don’t find those qualities, you can come back here and leave a comment.

We assure you that you will enjoy our forums especially the private groups.


You will get any Unilorin material or past question you want on the group, just ask and it will get sent to you.

On our group our team will frequently share some important files and PDF to everyone, you will enjoy us when you finally meet us.

Your admission is our primary concern so we do everything that is in our power to do to ensure that you are not left behind during admission and to ensure that pass the University of Ilorin post-utme test with excellence.

Materials will help keep you in track, you may have some already but there are some important ones you may not yet have.

So get yourself acquainted with the fact that you will be given enough materials for your preparation.


You can ask any question about Unilorin and you will be answered by people who know much about the Unilorin.

The last benefit joining our Unilorin whatsapp group is this, you can ask a ny question or whatever thing you do not understand, our forum is an open environment, before you conclude that any information you are given is a fact, it’s always wise to ask for the opinion of others.


Join and throw all your questions on us, cast all your concern on us and we will take of it from the little to the complex, it’s free and no one will charge you for asking a question.

So know that you know the benefits…..

I guess it’s time to join, remember that WhatsApp groups cannot contain unlimited users, once we reach a particular number we might remove the link to join.

How to join our Unilorin WhatsApp group for Direct Entry and others

So are you ready to join follow the steps below to join any of our group.

For the public/open Unilorin whatsapp group link

STEP 1: Click on the link given below, you will be redirected to meet someone that is going to add you, when you get there, send you name, course and state that you are a unilorin Aspirants and you want to join our active Unilorin WhatsApp group.

STEP 2: Save the contact of the agent because he is going to be one of the admins and it’s important to save the admins number as we are going to specially monitor our students.

STEP 3: The admin will then add you to the group after verifying that you have done the above and you are truly a Unilorin Aspirant.


Private Group

For the private group, (link will be available soon! for now we are not accepting new members).

Check back in few days time!

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