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United Nations Volunteer Program

United Nations Volunteer Program

Many persons are often wondering whether the United nations, through her various Arms has programs they offer, which requires volunteers or training of intern’s, as little or no information exists for them, the United nations volunteer program is  open for undergraduate, graduate, and fresh students from any part of the world who wish to gain knowledge and skills in the aspect of helping humanity, and aiding those who are suffering in corona virus demic regions.  This internship will pay for all your expenses, this internship was done in response to the question asked by people who wants to go on humanitarian outreach and internships.  The application protocol is free 

  The United  Nations volunteer program has continued to make about a million develop zeal for service by volunteering to serve the world in a far distant nation or your country of residence,  and through this volunteers program lots of countries running short of health care professionals, are helped.

This united nations volunteer program is specially prepared to help her students, gain the experience needed change the world and to experience the culture of other people, this voluntary work will develop a philanthropic life among her participants,  this volunteers program has no compulsory English requirements like IELTS, TOEFL. And it us open to all.

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About the United Nations Volunteer Program

This is an arm of the United nations founded in 1970, it was established to help contribute to peace and development through volunteering,  this organization has her headquarters in Bonn Germany,  this organization has her presence in about 130 different countries.  As at 2019 it  deployed about 8000 volunteers to about 40 partner nations, volunteer options are given in either home country or abroad,  this program will involve the following areas 


ICU/Anesthetic Nurses

Infection Control Nurses


Respiratory Physicians


Psychologists with a  knowledge of trauma management

Biomedical/Medical Laboratory Technician



Public Health Specialists 

Health Statisticians

Health Surveillance Specialists

Health Emergency Managers

Child Protection Specialists

Monitoring & evaluation Specialists 

Gender-based Violence Project/ Programme Specialists


Health Procurement Specialists

Health Supply Chain Specialists e.g. pharmacist, equipment, cold chain

WASH Specialists emphasis is placed in hygiene

medical Waste Management Specialists 

Specialists in Communications for Development 

Information Management Specialist who have an experience in health emergencies

Specialists in Data Collection & Management 

Specialists in Socio-economic & Health Assessment 

Specialists in Economic Development 

Specialists Livelihoods 




Value description of the United nations volunteer program

This program offers  her participants a volunteering allowance

  • Flight tickets
  • Accommodation
  • Health insurance

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Eligibility and selection criteria for the United nations volunteer program

  1. Any citizens of any country is free to apply 
  2. Must have an experience in any of the Fields listed
  3. Must be at least 25 years of age 
  4. Must be willing to leave at short notice I.e 3 weeks notice 
  5. A passport 

Application Deadline: This program is currently ongoing and they is no deadline,

Application Details

 This program is applied online,  and to apply click this link

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