United Nations Development Program

United Nations Development Program

United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

First and foremost what is a program?

A program is a process of formulating,improving and expanding educational,manageral or service-oriented work plans.

United nations Development program is organization which was founded in 1965. it is an organization that helps countries in eradicating poverty and achieve sustainable human development which helps in improving the quality of life of all citizen. it is a program marked out for only graduates who are given opportunities to work alongside intelligent minds of the world. it is a program that will help the youths to learn more about sustainable development goals which includes; industry,innovation and infrastructure,reducing inequality,quality education,good health and no poverty. by being educated with these SDGS goals the youths will be able to help their countries in moving forward. we all need to be educated and improved of things that will help us in the nearest future and here comes the opportunity which the united nations has brought to our doorstep. the program gives us the opportunity to have full knowledge of things we need to know and also helps us to navigate around the world and meet productive personalities. the UUDP also plays the role of educating the graduate in democratic governance which helps them to be aware of the importance of leadership; institutions are built also to promote inclusive sustainable development. UUDP helps the young graduates to grow personally in most aspect of his/her life. the opportunity also gives a visa vacation for the selected graduates.

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With the whole knowledge of this program, 0ne will be of help to his or her country even ton the whole world at large by being able to alleviate poverty,have full knowledge of democratic governance,being able to fight crisis and preventing bad influence because these are the main objectives of UUDP to this participant.

UNDP Graduate Programme

Host Organization: United Nations Development Programme

Host Countries Include the Following:

  • Bangladesh (Dhaka)
  • Denmark (Copenhagen)
  • Laos (Vientiane)
  • Maldives (Male)
  • Mongolia (Ulaan Baator)
  • Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby)
  • Samoa (Apia), Thailand (Bangkok)
  • Timor-Leste (Dili)
  • Turkey (Istanbul)
  • United States (New York).

Program Duration:

  • 2-year Graduate Programme

Value of the UNDP Graduate Program

  • The candidate will come into a one-year international professional entry-level contract with UNDP which will be renewable for a second year after a performance evaluation.
  • A competitive salary will be given by UNDP.
  • The candidate can have a paid annual leave.
  • Ticket for travel between your location and the duty station.
  • A paid sick leave will be granted to the candidate.
  • Health and disability insurance will be granted.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria for UNDP Graduate Program 2021-22:

  • The applicants must be the citizens of the countries where UNDP operates to support SDGs.
  • For master’s degree holders, the work experience must not be more than one year in the relevant field acquired after the degree completion.
  • For bachelor’s holders, must be between two to three years after the degree completion.
  • Women and individuals from the minority group, indigenous people, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
  • Eligibility for the programme and policy stream
    • One should be graduated: in political science, public administration, international relations, development studies, economics, statistics, data management, environmental science, or a related field.
  • Eligibility for the corporate and operations stream

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    • One should be graduated from one or more than one program from the following: business or public administration, finance, law, procurement or supply chain management, economics, data management, or related field.
  • For some positions knowledge of French, Arabic or Spanish may be required.
  • The applicant must be proficient in the English language.

Application Deadline: The application deadline for the UNDP Graduate Programme 2021-22 is July 4, 2021 midnight in New York, USA.

Application Details:

  • The applicant process online and one can access the application by clicking on apply now button below.
  • Personal information is required.
  • The language of the application is English.
  • If the application is shortlisted after the initial scrutiny, an online test will be taken to assess the competency of the shortlisted candidates. The test will be taken by using a computer or a mobile phone.
  • The passed candidates will be called for further assessment in a virtual assessment center.

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