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Universitè de Sherbrooke Requirements | Fees | Programs | Faculties And Rankings

The universitè de Sherbrooke is one of the prestigious universities located in the north American soil, and has received global recognition for providing quality Education and international recognized programs, as an institution the universitè de Sherbrooke was established in 1954,  in Quebec and is recognized as the largest university in the province of Estere and Montere. 

Being a french university, it uses the French language for her classes, Lectures, and all her programs are in French, and it’s program are in line with European standards.  The university works to train competent individuals and researchers who will be sought out for by tons of employers.  This University Foster’s  with agencies and government to partner in research works that develops the economy and culture,  the universitè de Sherbrooke is notorious for her cutting edge research works, where it champion’s innovative research activities, technological transfers and entrepreneurship  enablement. And her research work has celebrated discoveries.

The university offers about 396 programs which comprises of Undergraduate, graduate and doctorate degree program, with about 31000 students’ including domestic and international students coming from about 100 different countries. 

It runs a 3 campus  the main campus,  the health campus and the Longueuil campus,  the university is notable for the following 

  • It generates Over $195 in research revenue
  • The Universitè de Sherbrooke has 5 recognized research institute
  • The Universitè de Sherbrooke Holds 79 research chair in Canada
  • The Universitè de Sherbrooke has 46 undergraduate programs
  • The Universitè de Sherbrooke has 7,200 staff strengths
  • The Universitè de Sherbrooke has 8 Faculties
  • The Universitè de Sherbrooke has about  1,600 international student enrollment
  • The Universitè de Sherbrooke has about 3,400 professors

Univervisitè de Sherbrooke Rankings

The  university has demonstrated excellence in many areas, and it has received many international and national awards and recognition for providing quality education and research innovations.

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  • The 2020 Academic ranking of the world universities has ranked the Universitè de Sherbrooke as  among the 601-700 in the world and 21-24 in Canada. 
  • The 2021 QS ranking placed this University around 701- 750 in the world and 23-24 in Canada
  • The US news and world Report placed this University in 763rd  in the world and 24th in Canada
  • Maclean’s has ranked this University 13th place in Canada for her medical school

Universitè de Sherbrooke Acceptance Rate

 This University has an acceptance rate of 55%,  despite being a competitive University it’s acceptance rate is moderately high. Admission is offered to those who are able to meet up with the admission requirements of the Institution. 

Universitè de Sherbrooke  Faculties

This University has outstanding faculties notable for her research and innovation, they include the following

  • Faculty of law
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Sports & Physical Education
  • Faculty of Theology, Ethics & Philosophy

Universitè de Sherbrooke Tuition Fee

This University has an affordable tuition fee for her students, both domestic and international students, and it varies according to program.  And her tuition is calculated credit per hour

Tuition fee for Quebec Undergraduate

Registration fee : $35.37

Tuition fees : $1,311.45

Related fees : $300.95

Student association : $40

Campaign : $17

Estimated total : $1,705

Tuition fee for Quebec graduate degree students’

Registration fee : $35.37

Tuition fee : $1,311.45

Related fee : $300.95

Student association : $40

Campaign : $17

Thesis writing : $359.74

Estimated total : $2,064.64

International Undergraduate Students’ fee

This University has an affordable tuition fee,  and has an estimated $9,385 – $10,425 CAD, and it varies per course and credit hours. 

International graduate degree students’ fee

Registration fee : $35.37

Tuition fee : $8,980.65

Quarter thesis writing : $566

Related fee : $300.95

UdeS Campaign : $17

Estimated total : $9,941

For tuition fee details click here 

Universitè de Sherbrooke admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission in this University, the candidate is expected to have met the following criteria

Transcripts documenting complete studies like high school diploma, Undergraduate certificate etc

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Letters of recommendations

Birth certificate/International passport

French Language Proficiency

Application fee of 90 CAD

Click here for other details 

Univervisitè de Sherbrooke application details

 To be eligible for admission in this University, you must have your documents complete, for details click

Universitè de Sherbrooke Scholarship 

This University awards Scholarship worth,  $100,000 and the Scholarship are listed below

  • Loran Award
  • Value : $25,000
  • Alberta Sheerson Scholarships
  • Value : $2,000
  • Wells Fargo Indigenous Student Award
  • Margaret Mansion Scholarship
  • Value : $2,000

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