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The Universitē du Quèbec Á Montreal is one of the university in Canada with a high influx of international students,  the Requirements for this Institution and her admission criteria will be provided in this article. This University is a comprehensive french language university,   this University was established in 1969 as a result of a merger between Ecole des beaux-arts due Montreal and a number of other smaller schools. 

UQAM is an internationally recognized Institution for cutting edge research, exceptional learning environment, it has an unbeatable innovation in a vast array of program. It is notable for her unique Education, support, and high investment in research. 

This University is home to about 3000 international students, it offers a distance learning opportunity through her Télé University, and her bilateral agreement with about  70 universities in the world, where the  university course’s are taught. 

Emphasis is placed to practical learning than theoritical learning,  there by exposing them to practical and experimental learning that will set students’ prepared for any field of endeavors they choose to study.  Her curriculum is structured to meet the 21st century Education model. With hi tech laboratories, Art studios, practical workshops, and large tech classrooms. 

As an award winning Institution, it aims at producing world class leader’s  which it tries to achieve through her 300 different programs cutting across many discipline like Art’s, humanities, social science, Education etc. 

Why you should study in the Université du Quèbec Á Montreal

This University has strong international influence, her programs are fully Accreditated by the ministry of education, and higher education Quebec. Her certificate is highly sort out by multi national organization

Reasons to be enrolled in this University are

Firstly,  being a renowned center of learning, this University focuses more on creativity. Her programs are unique and straight to the point.  It develops her programs to suit her students.  Course’s like sexology, feminism are offered by the institution.

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Secondly, this University  leads it’s paedagodical  approach to teaching and education, utmost instructions is paid to instructions and training. Be sure to be equipped with less theoritical knowledge. 

This Institution has a low tuition fee compared to other Institution, in Canada.

In this University they is no boundaries to research as her research works cuts across edges breaking down barrier’s.

Universitè Du Québec À Montreal Ranking

This University was the first in Canada to develop fields not traditionally studied and it is the Pioneer university to do a master’s degree in the field of education. 

It developed an innovative model for the transfer and appropriation of research by Communities.

The UQAM is placed 601th university in the world and 21st in Canada.

The US News report ranked this University 651 and 21st in Canada

In it’s comprehensive report, this University is placed 25th in terms of her reputation and 10th in Canada

Universitè Du Québec À Montreal Acceptance Rate

This University enrolls more than 40, 150 prospective students of which about 3,500 are international students which represents a total of 9% of her total population. 

Students : 39,116

Undergraduates : 30,575

Graduate students : 6,170

Doctoral students : 1,950

International students : 4,376

The university has a higher acceptance rate, with 67% acceptance rate.

Universitè Du Québec À Montreal Faculties

This University offers a wide range of courses, studied in 6 faculties, with 1 school further divided into 41 schools, it has 6 multi disciplinary Institute  used for training, research and intervention.

  • Faculty Of Arts
  • Faculty Of Political Science & Science
  • Faculty Of Human Sciences
  • Faculty Of Educational Sciences
  • School Of Management Science
  • Faculty Of Social Sciences

Universitè Du Québec À Montreal Schools

  • Montreal Graduate School Of Fashion Design
  • Graduate School Of Theatre
  • Language School
  • School Of Social Work
  • School Of Visual Arts and Media

Universitè Du Québec À Montreal Institutes

  • Institutes Of Cognitive Sciences
  • Institutes Of Feminist Studies
  • Institutes Of Environmental Sciences
  • Montreal Institutes Of International Studies
  • Health and Society Institutes
  • Heritage Institute

Universitè Du Quebec À Montreal Tuition Fees

Tuition in this University depends on program, but the average tuition for each program is listed below

Tuition Fees For Undergraduate Students

Quebec students : $3,300

Non Quebec Students : $8,900

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International Students : $18,500 – $24, 400

Tuition Fees For Graduate Students


Quebec Students : $4,500

Non Quebec Student : $10,000

International Students : $19,800

MASTERS ( without thesis )

Quebec Students

 First year $2700 

Second year $2,400 

Non Quebec Students : 

First year $7,200 

Second year $6,300 )

International Students

 First year $15,000

 Second year $13,200 

MASTER’S ( with thesis )

Quebec Students

 First year $3,800

 Second year $1,600 

Non Quebec Students

first year $10,100

 second year $3,700 

International Students

 First year $21,100 

Second year $7,400 


The estimated fee for each year is the same for all students.
First year : $3,800

Second year : $3,800

Third year : $2,700

Fourth year : $500

Estimated tuition fees can be checked at https://etudier.uqam.ca/cout-bourses

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Univervisitè Du Québéc À Montreal Admission Requirement

The university has an easy admission requirements, and uses some criteria to measure candidate credibility. They criteria include

  • Official transcripts of all academic years
  • Proof of French language proficiency ( TFI score of 605 )
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • Certificate of experience
  • Copy of study permit
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of valid Quebec acceptance certificate
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Proof of payment of a non-refundable fee of $99 for Canadian applicants and $131 for international students

Application procedure is through the University website https://etudier.uqam.ca/english/how-to-apply 

Universitè Du Québec À Montreal Scholarships

Each year UDQAM offers merit based Scholarship to her brilliant students’ and those who showed outstanding skills inform of Scholarship, bursaries and loans. It has an expandible sum of $37, million  for students’ loan. 

Scholarship can be accessed through https://bourses.uqam.ca/trouver-une-bourse/ 

Some Scholarship are listed below

  • National Assembly Foundation Jean Charles Bonenfant
  • Institutional Graduate Scholarships
  • COVID-19 Support Scholarship From The Faculty Of Education
  • Honorable Albert Leblanc Scholarship For Student From The First Nation

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