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Universitè Laval Requirements | Fees | Scholarships | Programs And Rankings

The university of Laval being the oldest university in Canada, continues to attract students’ from across the globe, owing to her outstanding and state of Art’s equipment. It is the first french Institution established in the north American soil, it was initially known as Seminaire de Québec in 1663, it officially became a university in 1862, being the oldest Canadian Institution it offers all program ranging from fields of Medicine, Engineering, Law, Theology, Psychology, Music, Administration, Management, down to the field of Arts, which awards bachelor’s, master’s  and doctorate degrees. 

This Institution has about 32000 Undergraduate Students’ and about 10,750 graduate students both domestic and international students.  This University pioneered research that has recorded major breakthrough in the field of science, technology, and engineering. And has helped better the society and solved problems. Currently this Institution has her works cited in many journals, Academic bodies and Institutions across the globe. 

Despite being ranked as the 7th best University in Canada, it is driven by learning innovations that is aimed at producing reputable scholars, who make impacts in their various fields of endeavors.  The university of Laval currently has 4 excellence chair in research and has topped as the best with a research revenue of $403,080 million. 

This University operates with the principle of   enhancing the creative endeavours and inspiring minds  by providing a sustained based knowledge for continuous growth and development.  It offers about 400 distance Programs which are accessible on the internet. 

The university has a hitech  facilities, exquisite Lecture Hall’s, and digital laboratories to enhance innovative and learning.  Currently the institution houses 3 research initiative which includes

  • Sentinel Research program which seeks to provide room to foster innovative solution, that can alter climatic conditions that is fast changing the world.
  • Institute Nordique Du Québec, a community of innovators and researchers that is working to develop clean energy, viable infrastructures and healthcare ecosystem.
  • Alliance Dante Québec pioneers world-class research and innovation partner to meet the health and social service needs of humanity leading to sustainable health.

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Being a center of innovation, it operates a carbon free environment,  the first to run its campus with green clean energy, thereby eliminating fossil fuels pollution.  Having a perfect study and research Environment owing to her brightened green space.  

Université  Laval Ranking

This University has been a top research institute in Canada for almost a century,  it has gained Academic recognition, internationally and nationally, by various ranking bodies and organizations.  The school has about 78 research partnership and has built a strong reputation in diverse Fields of study.  Degree and certificate from this University is highly ranked, her Engineering, Medicine, Business, Social Sciences and Life Science are rated as five Stars or 5 point rated 

The schools rating come from her unwavering goal to provide Develop by advancing and sharing of knowledge and research.

The Academic ranking of world universities ranks this University at 201-300, in the world and 5th in Canada.

The QS 2020 ranking, ranked Laval universities in 315 in the world 

Uni page university ranking places this University in the 258 in the world

University of Laval Acceptance Rate

This University is a competitive University and has a total application of about 50,611, it admits those with incredible Academic performance. Her acceptance rate is average 50% -60%,  a minimum TOEFL score of 64 can get you admitted into this University. 

Universitè Laval Tuition Fee

Tuition fee at Laval university varies depending on the type of program,  i.e graduate and undergraduate. It is based on the number of credits. 

Tuition fee for domestic students’ is  $16,712 and $26,041 for international Undergraduate Students’

While graduate degree  students’ pay above them

University of Laval faculties

This University has about 17 faculties in her Undergraduate and graduate degree program, they include

  • School of Engineering & technology
  • School Of Computer science
  • Faculty Of Education
  • Faculty Of Life sciences
  • Faculty Of Clinical, Pre-clinical & Health
  • Faculty Of Physical sciences
  • Faculty Of Law
  • Faculty Of Social science
  • Faculty Of Arts & Humanities
  • Faculty Of Psychology
  • Faculty Of Business & Economics

Universitè Laval Admission requirements

The university has different admission criteria for her Undergraduate and graduate degree program, and it also varies for international students.


  1. Must be proficient in French language
  2. Must have completed his or her senior high school
  3. Applicants must have a minimum of 64 in TOEFL
  4. Must have an academic transcript
  5. A valid students’ visa and international study permit for her international students

Graduate students’

  1. The applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree program from an Accredited university
  2.  must be proficient in French language
  3. Valid Academic transcripts which will compromise of bachelor’s degree for master’s, master’s degree for Doctorate.
  4. Statement of purpose
  5. Reference letters
  6. Proof of work experience
  7. A valid Visa for international students

Universitè Laval Application fee

The application fee for this Institution is a non refundable fee of $82, for both her international and domestic students’

Application Details

To be eligible for admission in this Institution you must follow the instructions listed below

  1.  Click and select your preferred option wether graduate or Undergraduate
  2. Carefully review admission requirements for admission
  3. Submit application details 
  4. Wait for confirmation details

Universitè Laval Scholarship

This Scholarship is open to both international and domestic students’. 

International Scholarship

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  • Entrepreneur Excellence Grant
    Value Description: $1,500
  • AIST Foundation Scholarship
    Value Description: $12,000
  • AIST Smith Graduate Scholarship ( AIME )
    Value Description: $2,500
  • Education and Research Fund
    Value Description: $12,500 – $25,000
  • Graduate Studies Support Grant-Simone Pere Fund
    Value Description: $2,500
  • Bergeron-Malenfant Scholarship
    Value Description: $1,000
  • Catherine-Lebens Scholarship
    Value Description: $1,000
  • Micheline-Masse Scholarship
    Value Description: $2,000
  • Nicolaset-Suzzanne-Zay Excellence Scholarship
    Value Description: $5,000
  • Louis-Edmond Hamelin Excellence Scholarship
    Value Description : $7,000

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Domestic Students’

  • Karl C.Ivarson Scholarship-Agriculture
    Value: $10,000-$17,000
  • Alain Thibaut Scholarship in Actuarial Science
    Value: $5,000
  • Monique Rheaume Pay Equity Grant
    Value: $2,000
  • Canadian National Graduate Scholarship
    Value: $5,000
  • Catherine Lelonde Memorial Grant For Wood Research
    Value: $5,000
  • War Memorial Scholarship
    Value: $15,000
  • Bergeron-Malenfant Scholarship
    Value: $1,000
  • Jefo Foundation Scholarship
    Value: $1,500
  • Marcellina Simard Scholarship-Complementary Medicine
    Value: $1,000
  • Jean-Darbelnet Scholarship
    Value: $1,000

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