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Weird College Scholarships for Students

A lot of international students have given up on getting scholarship to study in a college, which is why this article was written to help give this students’ hope and  solution,  this scholarships will help you to know that your more eligible for scholarship than you can imagine.  Getting a scholarship doesn’t mean you must have a high CGPA, best athlete or the best in your school.  You can get scholarship without being any of the following,  they’re high school scholarship ( junior or senior), college and undergraduate scholarship you qualify for.  For the disabled students’ they’re scholarship options available for them. 

They’re also regional based scholarship, gender based scholarship, but the major aim of this scholarship is to reach as many students as possible. Most of these scholarship use the following as criteria

  • Academic merit & GPA
  • Athletics
  • Community service
  • Financial need
  • Essay contests

Even if you’re pursuing programs in Art’s, music  scholarship is available for you to study,  thou before we make a list of the weird scholarship and explain them we will answer questions, most of our reader’s are prone to ask, to help guide them achieve their dreams. 

What is a weird Scholarship

Weird scholarship can be explained as any scholarship that is unusual, has a unique features or Unique, and not like the conventional type of scholarship that people are usually awarded. This scholarship can be gotten by doing anything creative, it can be awarded for  making a prom dress out of duct tape, creating something out of a paper, being a vegetarian, tall, love beef, left-handed, Pokémon master, being a lover of tattoos, etc. 

What GPA do you Need to Get a Full Ride Scholarship?

To be awarded a full ride scholarship to study in any university, you must have a GPA of 3.5 and above or an equivalent.  You must have a high SAT/ACT scores, and be at the top of your class.

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The list of weird scholarship are 

  • Stuck at Prom Scholarship
  • Collegiate Beef Advocacy Program
  • National Marbles Tournament
  • Getting Real About Distracted Driving
  • The UNIMA-USA Scholarship
  • STARFLEET Scholarships
  • Cosmetology Scholarships
  • Triumph Over Adversity
  • Sarah E. Huneycutt Scholarship
  • Tiffany Green Operator Scholarship
  • Two Ten Higher Education Footwear Design Scholarship
  • The Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship
  • The Asparagus Club Scholarship
  • National Potato Council Scholarship
  • Doodle 4 Google Scholarship
  • Tall Clubs International Foundation Scholarship
  • Create-a-Greeting-Card
  • BMW/SAE Engineering Scholarship
  • American Board of Funeral Service Education scholarship
  • Our World Underwater Scholarship Society

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  • Stuck at Prom Scholarship


This scholarship is awarded to students who can make a prom dress with a duck tape, and eligibility criteria for this scholarship is wearing a prom dress made with duct tape, and making a video of yourself. And uploading it for public voting.  They’re about 4 scholarships, Two for dress while two are for TUX category.

Scholarship Value, Up to $10,000

  • Collegiate Beef Advocacy Program


This scholarship  connects high school graduates  experts from beef industry, to experience mentorship from cattle men and women, with aims of helping them gain skills and experience in leadership, and also help advocate for beef. The scholarship Worth’s $2000

  • National Marbles Tournament

This scholarship selects young marble players between the ages of 7-14 year’s,  who have worn local championship. And  location for the Game is in Wildwood, New Jersey for a tournament of over 1,200 marble games. The worth of this scholarship varies. 

  • Getting Real About Distracted Driving

  This scholarship is one of the best amongst our   weird scholarship, it aims at bringing creative minds to build up works and create sensitization on the needs for teens to be focused on the wheels and the dangers involved in it.  It values for $1000.

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  • The UNIMA-USA Scholarship

This scholarship is available for paupters in the US,  to be eligible for this scholarship you must have a knowledge of pauptery, have a degree in it or studying it, or have developed a strong commitment for the art of pauptery.  This scholarship Worth’s $1000.

  • STARFLEET Scholarships

This scholarship is available for star trek fans,  it is made up of local chapters  with sim of providing a base for star trek fans to interact.  Applicants must have been members of Starfleet family before applying for this scholarship.  This scholarship Worth’s $1000.

  • Cosmetology Scholarship

This scholarship is available for students’ studying cosmetology,  the major fields of concentration for this scholarship is aesthetics, nail technology, fashion design, electrology, and barbering. 

This scholarship Worth’s $2500.

  • Triumph Over Adversity

This is awarded to help those with disabilities pull through, and also give skills those passing through adversities.  It is available for tenacious teenagers who pulled through in life midst difficulties. This scholarship is worth $1,000. 

  • Sarah E. Huneycutt Scholarship

This scholarship is  available to  female students’ with a GPA of 3.0 and shows interest in golf.  It gives you the opportunity to further your Education while pursuing your love for education.  This scholarship Worth’s $20,000.

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