What are the Advantages of Blended Learning?

What are the Advantages of Blended Learning?

What are the Advantages of Blended Learning?

Technological advancement has made every aspect of human endeavors , many persons struggle to adapt  this technology.  Educational sectors are lacking this, and still using traditional methods.  The  Covid 19 made institutions to be technologically advanced, online learning made schools to continue and survive,  online Education has given students unlimited access to course materials.

To have access to estudy,  students’ need  to have   access to quality internet, thou earlier enough pre-recorded videos of short duration that could be accessed on the browser or mobile application was used. But currently they is now,   this virtual learning opportunity has created a friendly learning atmosphere.   This is currently  career  upgrade in the field of data science, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, or quality marketing. Blended learning is a combination of learning, traditional and autonomous

What are the disadvantages of blended learning system?

  • The technology challenge. Infrastructure

Not all institutions have the necessary infrastructure needed to take care of the technological needs of her students, as a result of poor funding.  Some institutions don’t have the needed IT workforce,

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  • The technology challenge. Mentality

Not  all staff, have the necessary knowledge Needed to pass an online knowledge, some persons concept of online Education. 

  • Pace Advancement

This will make many of her participants to lag behind as a result of them not having time to continue their program. 

  • Overworking of teacher’s

Many teachers now are faced with options if forcing them To go extra miles the right syllabus, the right ratio between face-to-face and online learning, Which is not  fair on the student, and extra working the lecturers have to do.

  • Negative impact on students. Cognitive load

Many students can’t cope with the high course materials, their professor’s now begin to send educational materials which sometimes, makes the students disinterested in the subject. The program is normally tailored  to become students friendly. 

  • The plagiarism and creditibility 

Many students abuse this privilege by copying online works, and not being original in their essay. Many students are not aware the bias nature of the contents posted on the internet, and sometimes distortion of information, misrepresentation of facts. 

What are the benefits of a blended learning model for teachers and students respectively

  • Flexibility

It offers teachers and students flexibility in how they present their  materials and they pace they follow, many students now have options of following with the teacher or in a later date. 

  • Effectiveness

This method incorporate many learning approach and it involves many ways that are suitable to the students academic needs they by making it effective.

  • Teacher Empowerment

This method helps teachers reach out to more students,  they can interact with more students, and monitor the pace of each student.  While they’re bridging the Gap between  each student learning capability.

  • Engagement

More students are engaged in programs, and it empowers them to embrace. And expand their technological skills.

What are the effects of blended learning to the students?

Blended learning as we all know,  started with the Covid 19 and it has greatly,  it has provided a long term benefits to students,  as a longer solution.  Both of which should be incorporated. It can have both positive and negative impact.

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  1. Increased students Engagement
  2. Increased students achievements
  3. Students learn better at their own pace
  4. Classroom time will be focused on a more meaningful activities
  5. Enhanced students experience
  6. Ownership of learning
  7. Improved accessibility and inclusion
  8.  Flexibility in scheduling

Benefits of blended learning

  • It is essential for employees and employer’s because key players in the E Learning industries,  are looking for ways to explore and break the limitations placed by self paced  learning, solutions.
  • Learner’s better  unders their course’s better through video conferencing and have interaction with their peers,  it allows them take their course’s during weekends. Which are dometiy live.
  • Course’s are curated based on the learner’s need,   where some persons course’s are scripted according to their   projects
  • Blended learning course’s take up course’s in webinars, downloadable content, gamification, industry-oriented projects, and integrated labs, which help improve learner engagement.

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