What is MBA and Why is it Important?

What is MBA and Why is it Important?

A lot of persons don’t know the meaning of MBA or it’s importance,  in this article we will be exploring it’s meaning, importance and Way’s once get it.  This is a globally recognized degree that  is designed to equip  students with   potential business and management skills.  MBA program encompasses all areas of business and related Fields.  It is one of the most sought after program  with a high return of value. 

This program is aimed at equipping her participants with business skills and  it build up their skills. And wants to change their career parts in terms of music.  Harvard business school has been credited with starting the MBA program in 1908, and currently they’re about 2500 MBA programs across the globe. Her mode of teaching is English. 

They’re three types of MBA programs available to students based on duration of programs,  the first is a full time, MBA program which takes up to 18 months.  The second type is your EMBA which takes about 20 months to complete. The final one is the professional MBA which takes a long time, about 26 months to complete.

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An MBA curriculum consists of the following programs which includes finance, accounting, economics, marketing, operations, and management, you can choose to pursue a career in a more niche specific area in business.  The most noteworthy part of this program is it opportunity to professional.

What Exactly is an MBA?

It is a graduate degree that provides her students with a practical and theoritical training for business world and investment.  It is designed to help her graduates to gain a better understanding of the general business environment,  it gives a special focus on area like finance, accounting, MBA focuses on management. Thou other areas of business can be done,  a graduate management admission test is awarded. 

What Skills Does an MBA Give You?

Many a time, MBA program gives you many skills, it takes time, tenacity and total commitment to gain many career advancement opportunities. The skills you receive are listed below

  • Communication and Interpersonal skills

Ability to understand the needs of your employees and clients is one of the most Needed quality in business,  interpersonal skills helps make a company, boost their  productivity.  MBA program will help you to learn how to negotiation, active listening, public speaking and presentation, written communication, conflict resolution and mediation; and emotional intelligence

  • Leadership and teamskilll

Ability to inspire the staff of an organization is an added skill, 98% if employees with. Good leader’s tends to do better, a good leader starts with a vision and tends towards a common goal. Colin Powell a retired general in the United States said “are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution everybody can understand”. 

Skills you will learn are inspire people, make tough decisions, listen to alternative points of view; and establish your values as a leader.  

  • Analysis Research and Risk management skills

It gives you the opportunity to see insights and avert potential danger to the organization.  Individuals are made to learn how to respond to Crisis, 

Identify potential pitfalls, change focus as necessary. 

  • Critical and strategic thinking skills

Ability to have a reasoned judgement,  facts based comparism and  tackling of complex Issues, ability to possess  problem solving skills. 

What is the Aim of MBA?

Ability to apply the best services for solving managerial issues,  integrate theory and practice to perform  strategic analysis,  apply decision making techniques both quantitative and qualitative.  They’re many aims if an MBA program, most also have the mission of training world class leader’s and building the man to transform the society.

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Importance of MBA Program

They’re several reasons why MBA us important,  and it probably the best decision for her students,  especially those looking for a career in the business world.  They reasons are as follows

  • Career Transformation

Everyone aspiring to pursue an MBA wants to transform his career, and it helps prepare them for the ever demanding needs of their career.  Students also sought to work in managerial and administrative positions.

  • Better pay package

It offers you a great pay more than graduate of other majors, as it is believed MBA has equipped you with the right skills and knowledge needed for that  job.

  • To gain entrepreneurship skills

If you’re one of those students with interest in the fields of entrepreneurship, then MBA is the best option for you. Many MBA schools equips you with the right skills. 

  • Build networking skills

It offers you with many opportunities to build your career goals,  and  it offers them the opportunity to interact and gain ideas from them. 

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