What to read for Unilorin Post-Utme 2020

Today, we will cover a vital subject that all aspirants hoping to pass Unilorin post utme must be concerned with. In today’s article, we shall show you exactly what to read for Unilorin Post Utme.



I believe you are here because you truly want to pass the University of Ilorin Post Utme Test.


Well, you have done the right thing by coming here.



We have seen a lot of candidates preparing wrongly or using the wrong materials to get prepared for Unilorin post utme which obviously leads them to a dead end.

Yes, they end up scoring so poor, hence they fail to gain admission.


Your chances of gaining admission into the University of Ilorin would first be determined by whatever you score in the school post utme test.


So by all means you should think about the best possible ways to score high in the test.


For a serious student, the first question that comes to mind is, what do i read for Unilorin Post – Utme.


Well, you have got a lot to read but not so much, although there aren’t any official books recommended for Unilorin post utme by the school, but we as experts will present some recommendations of books to read for Unilorin Post Utme.


Summary of this post: What to read for Unilorin Post Utme.

Here is a summary of why you should read this article and the information we are going to convey in this post.

In this post, we shall look into the University of Ilorin post utme structure for 2020.


In this article we are going to fully educate you on how to get prepared for Unlorin post utme, we will share with you all the necessary details that you need to be very set so you can score high.

Then we will show you some books that you should read in order to be effectively prepared for the University of Ilorin Post Utme.


Nevertheless, we need to inform you that the school does not directly have any official books recommendations for candidates preparing for Unilorin Post Utme Test.

But, we in our expertise, being into the system of preparing candidates sitting for Unilorin Post utme for years will show you exactly what you need to read for Unilorin post utme that will make you score high.


Unilorin Post Utme structure 2020

Before we look into what to read for Unilorin post utme 2020. You need first get yourself acquainted with the structure and the exact system of the University of Ilorin Post Utme. Unilorin is one of the most unique school whose Post-Utme style is special.


If you ask a lot of students who sat for the University of Ilorin post utme in past years they will tell you it wasn’t easy.


Why do students fail Unilorin Post-Utme?

The school usually sets confusing and twisted questions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t score high especially when you follow all our guidance at NgUniversities.


So take time to read all our articles.

First, let me tell you this; Unilorin deliberately sets confusing questions for students.


The ideology behind this is that they don’t want to have a hard time determining who and who is not qualified among the high number of students who apply for admission per session.


So the idea behind this is, if they make many students who sat for the post utme test to fail and only few students pass, then it would be quicker and easier to select those that score high and grant them admission around the various programs offered by the school.


Whilst, they will simply black list all those who score below 50% and focus on those who score above.

Now you understand why Unilorin sets a very tough Post Utme test.


You as a student can not change the system or the structure of the exam but you can fight to make yourself among those that will score high in Unilorin Post Utme, and that is why you are here.


Please note:

To know more about Unilorin post utme structure, kindly read our other post on how unilorin sets post utme questions.

It will open up your understanding more. On that article we talked about how unilorin grades and calculate her post utme result.

What not to do when preparing for Unilorin Post Utme.

1. Do not prepare for the subjects you took in Jamb.

The University of Ilorin does not set her test around the subject you did in Jamb.


Irrespective of your discipline, all candidates are mandated to sit for just the primary subjects and not the subject you offer for your course.

Those subjects are English language, Mathematics and General paper.


So you must look away from the Jamb syllabus and focus on the three subjects i mentioned above.


2. Do not think same books you used to prepare for jamb is all you need to prepare for Unilorin Post-Utme also.

Be very well informed that Unilorin post utme is much different from JAMB.

So there wouldn’t be relevancy for the Book that you used to prepare for Jamb, except in the English language section.


I am making a deep emphasis here because students tends to ask me of the books needed to prepare for Unilorin post utme.

However, there is a particular Textbook that although is being used for UTME preparation, it can also help for Unilorin Post-Utme and that i will mention in this article.


3. Do not take the exam casually.

A lot of candidates are casual when it comes to Unilorin post utme, it is good for one to have confidence in oneself but when it makes you over confidence and casual that you fail to prepare then you are riskin your chances.

Another thing that you must be conscious of is the fact that Unilorin Post-Utme is a very important exam that we don’t expect candidates to joke with.


Your seriousness must be equivalent to the amount of effort that you place in preparation, you musst be very good and deeply focused.


A lot of candidates feels relaxed, they just see it as a normal exam, to which their preparation is usually not enough. At the end of the day they perform poor and which they took it serious right from the outset.


Never risk your chances of success, so take the exam like your life depends on it.


4. Do not expect any form of malpractice as it’s common in other exams.

If for any reason you think it’s possible to manipulate your way around in order to score high, please erase that thinking. You can not in a way manipulate things, regardless of the fact that it’s a computer based test.


So, a wise student will do all it takes to prepare for the exam.


5. Do not prepare without first studying the Syllabus we prepared.

There is a syllabus that we have prepared for candidates.


It will help you and show you where to focus on while reading so please make do with it, it’s one of the materials that can accelerate your chances this year and make you prepare full-time.


The syllabus contains all the subjects, this will help you know where the school sets questions from.


So help yourself by grabbing the syllabus. It can be downloaded from Our Unilorin Prep App.


Recommended Books to read for Unilorin Post Utme.

books to read for unilorin post utme
Students reading their books

Without further ado, we shall now look into the recommended books to study for University of Ilorin post utme.


Remember that, the school not offer recommendations of books to candidates.

So the recommended books we are presenting to you is from of our research as we are well-versed on preparing candidates, also we have officials who have been in the system of preparing candidates.


After careful consideration, deeper research and examined analysis, we have come to the conclusion that there are some books that really stands fit for preparing for the University of Ilorin post utme.


1. The Invisible Teacher: one of those books you need to have in your personal library is the invisible teacher by Dele Ashade


We have contrasted the content in this book and we have come to see a very huge connection.

Many of those past questions of the University of Ilorin post utme, have been treated indepthly in the this particular textbook, of course; we have seen many instances of such.


But you mustn’t cast your whole focus on this book a lone.

It just would help you in some aspect.


Let’s take a look some of the topics that unilorin base in.

(a) Concords
(b) Verb Rules
(c) Spellings

and a few others.

The best material that you can study to master the aforementioned topics is the Invisible teacher.

Basically for UTME, but also good for post utme.

What you need to do is study the topics that matters.


2. GNS Textbooks

The University of Ilorin presents GNS Questions for students writing post utme.


The school can go as far as setting questions from part 1 or part 2 of university students’ curriculum. It, therefore, amounts to lack of wisdom for any candidate who wants to matriculate after the examination to prepare for it using other advanced materials and not only ordinary level textbooks.


You need to use books that are a little bit advanced especially in the aspect of GNS in the University of Ilorin Post Utme.


You can get GNS material sometimes in the form of PDF.

In the like of GNS 111, 211 ; whatever material you can get to equip you more on this will be helpful.


3. Oral English Textbook:


You can get dedicated books for oral English, you just might be presented with Oral form questions so you can get oral England text book (O’level) from Bookshop.


Study those textbooks, although you will not be given so many Oral english questions compared to the questions that would be given under the lexis and structure section, it’s still wise to prepare well.


4. Past Questions:

Above all else, if you have other materials but don’t have past questions then you are not in any way close to getting prepared.


Make sure you have the latest past question, whether in soft copy or hardcopy.


Past questions is the number one recommended material for the University of Ilorin Post Utme.

Other ways to get yourself prepared for Unilorin Post Utme.

1. Practice using CBT Apps:

With the help of Unilorin Prep Mobile App, you can score really high in the University of Ilorin Post Utme test.


It’s one of the most advanced App for Post-Utme preparation containing thousands of questions.

Don’t only rely on Textbooks to prepare for Unilorin Post UTME Test, the Mobile App cam be of help too.

So grab it now.


2. Attend Lectures:

Lectures also help. Unilorin Post-Utme lecturers will ground you and give you a boost.

If you combine all the these, your chances of scoring high would be greater.


3. Involve yourself in group studies.

Now that you know the books to read for Unilorin Post Utme, you can use them to prepare with your friends who are also preparing for the exam.


Step by Step procedures of getting set for Unilorin Post Utme.

Now that you know what to read for Unilorin post Utme, let me show you some other procedures that will get you fully equipped for the exam.


Reading is good, but you need more to reading, you need a strategic formula that will set the path for your success in the University of Ilorin post utme.


The procedures outlined below will keep you in track so please follow them.

1. Start preparing 1 month before the exam.

I need to mention this here because it’s quite important. The more prepared you are the better chances you will to score high.


Early preparation matters greatly, so start preparing now with the materials we have presented to you.


2. Interview students who had sat for the exam.

You need to find time to interview of talk to someone who had written the University of Ilorin post utme and got a good score.


One of the good reason for this is, you can ask them the books they read for Unilorin Post Utme.


Or any vital materials they studied during their time.


But ensure that they recently took the exam and not those who sat for it a very long time back.

Painstakingly take time to talk to them, ask vital questions relating to what to read for Unilorin Post-Utme.




You have just read one of the most vital information that can make you score high this year, please drop a comment if you have any other questions that we did not address in this article.

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